Why Do I Always See The Time 11:11 and 1:11


Why Do I Always See The Time 11:11 and 1:11

1:11 and especially 11:11 is a sign conscious alignment. As time passes, unique periods of increased insight and mental clarity are possible. We are now entering a new age. Not only is it a new age for the universe, it also happens to be an extremely important time for man. I won’t get into all the details concerning this change in man, I will however mention that it is nothing short of monumental for his time. Earth is moving out of a period of darkness, and entering one of light.

This unique window for man has opened and will remain open for some time to come yet, and then it will again restrict itself. However, while here, our sixth sense is now called upon. Man is awakening to other sensations previously dormant.

The universe is opening possibilities not available before. Man is getting in touch with his higher self. Man is using his higher self to converge with the almighty universal energy present everywhere. Of course he cannot yet join it, for that one must die. He can, and is, touching it, flowing with it, in an ethereal tuning of frequency.

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Some are more receptive than others. More yet will come on board as well.

This phenomenon is nothing more than a sign post, a message, a note if you will, that contacts are occurring.

Many others, myself included, have been receiving this message.

Curiously, there are small groups forming for those aware.

I have even run across one calling itself the “11:11 Club”.

It is not to be feared however, oh no, rather feel blessed.

What others think about 11:11

Know that transition to a higher state is highly favored, and any extra help should be greatly welcomed. For those of you that feel left out, fear not, for as each day passes, the strength at which its own pulse beats, gets louder. Soon all will hear the call, and all will share in its message.

You look at the time 11:11 once, by you look at the clock again, its 10:1 maybe you look again and it’s 9.30, but then you look again and yup…that’s right its 11:11. Part of your brain registers that you saw 11:11. The same sequence happens again maybe 3, 4, 5 times.

Eventually you brain starts becoming so preoccupied with the fact you’ve seen 11:11 you begin to forget that you’re seeing other times. In the most extreme cases of this kind of delusion with individuals like yourself you begin to start creating self fulfilling prophesy, in your subconscious your brain begins to start making you think to look at the clock at these times.

It basic psychology, but don’t be ashamed or anything. If evolution and genetic recombination didn’t give birth to people like you the conspiracy theorists, ghost hunters, and those who predict things like the end of the world would not have an audience.

Who knows…maybe it’s 11.11 right now…..