Was Mars The First Egypt?

Was Mars The First Egypt?

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I remember seeing pictures that were taking of Mars in 1976 . It appeared to be a picture of a large face on Mars . It reminded me of Egypt . To me it looked like the same faces the Egyptians had on the side of there pyramids .


Which looks like the faces on King Tuts coffin . And then we have all heard or most of us have of what appears to be runways in Egypt that can only be seen by plane up over Egypt with what looks like drawings made in the earth as if to show something from above were to land .

So why do they look so much alike . It’s not like you can see the planet surface of mars from earth or the other way around . So since this planet still has life and that does not . Not that we know of anyway there really is no proof one way or another . But did the Egyptians come from mars and then duplicate what they had on mars down here with those faces .

And some of the pictures show what looks like pyramids and when you look at some of the gourds that were found in some of the tombs they are like a acorn squash with windows draw on them . Of course now I have to wonder did the egyptians get help building the pyramids . Why can’t we figure out how they were built ?So what if the atmosphere of Mars was changing and what we call aliens came down and saved them and put them on this planet . Would they not just do what they were used to doing on Mars .


We all build our houses a certain way down here depending on were we live. We build them out of the side of rock like Peru or from mud or stone . We our culture depending on which one sticks to building what we know . So I would think they would also . Look at the Egyptian technology when it came to embalming there dead . Look at there head wear and then look at that face on the planet Mars .

I am starting to think we have come from many worlds like our own . It appears almost as if the end is coming and the whole planet will be lost we are getting moved .The ones that haven’t died already anyways .


To just continue where they left off . And then why do the pyramids have a energy that is directly because of there height verses the size of the base . Food would last longer maybe people would live in them and be protected from disease . So now I have to wonder if when all is almost lost on a planet. Do human like us and maybe none human kind .

If everything is moved ? Just like what humans do on this planet .

Like with the whales , Bald eagles and all the other things we try to save when they are almost gone .Is something out there is making sure not everything worth saving dies. Such a big universe to many questions and alot of imagination to go with it.

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