Ufos and Intereting Points

Ufos and Intereting Points

This is absolutely a great selection of TOP UFO Videos. We have carefully selected only the best videos. You can learn about Area 51, Mexico’s Roswell and more! We have some UFO Videos are from a Larry King Live show that was presented a few months ago. These UFO Videos are scary because they demonstrate that the world might be defenseless in a UFO invasion. We continue to add videos here on almost a daily basis.


I know UFOs exist. But honestly they are too smart to be seen or just doing random loop and turns in the skies to reveal themselves. Truth is we are testing the alien technology and getting used to the kinks and the way it works. To think a man came up with technology by his self or just how to communicate with words and languages is ignorance. We were taught if not by God then by the skies(aliens).

We are learning the ways of the alien technology that they have bestowed upon us. They are out there but it’s rare they reveal themselves. They are more organized when they are doing their research regarding us.

To think we are alone in this universe is very stupid. If we can use computers and travel space to reach to the moon then there is more to this universe then meets the eye. Humans fear what they don’t understand it has been like that since Jesus was trying to enlighten his people. So it is better to disregard any fact of something else besides us or a savior sent from from heaven is out there. Even the bible mentions ,”A glowing chariot in the sky comes to earth”.

Maybe our government leaders are testing the technology because 2012 will be unstoppable and the alien space craft technology they have received from our neighbors in space is being put to the test to prepare themselves. They wouldn’t want us to know this. Then everyone would want to get on board. They would rather sacrifice us to save their own skins.

Okay, so lets say if there are Aliens looking down and observing us and the American government knew of their existence, why then over many years have they refuted such claims of Alien existence, particularly since the Roswell incident and the secrecy surrounding area 51, surely if there is evidence of such beings you would want to share that if only for the purpose of scientific research, unless such things are going on behind closed doors and as you say are being used to glean information in order to save themselves in lieu of an apocolyptic event, in effect this becomes a source of power over the people, they know something we dont and can use this for their own gain.


Are there Aliens…? In his books, Miracles of the Gods and Chariots of the Gods, author Erich Von danekin suggested supposed instances of intergalactic involvement in earthly matters, the building of the Pyramids for example, so the whole belief of such beings has been theorised for many many years, I am open minded on the subject of Aliens but will not assume that we are the only higher species in the whole galaxy.

Taking into account the HUGE vastness of the Galaxy (100,000 light years across, just the Milky Way), of course there are other beings (IMHO).

But I think they are flabbergasted, dumbfounded at our behavior. Here we are, a supposedly self-proclaimed dominant species destroying the only known habitable planet we live on! Using up the natural resources while killing our environment? I’d watch and shake my head (or whatever passes for my brain case). Until we learn to live in relative peace with one another and with our planet I would, if I were them, stay away.

There is a higher consciousness in the universe that created all of reality ! even the parts you can’t see with your eyes. Lets call that consciousness ”˜God”. God created us and told us that he made us in his image. Now, did he told us that we are the only creature he created with intelligence in his own image ! Did he???

Large number of recordings is false, and therefore has a lot of those who do not believe. But we must be aware of the fact that around us are billions of planets, and many of them have had opportunities to develop intelligent life. Why are we so selfish that we think that we are alone in this big universe? They are there but will not appear until we’re not mature enough for the first new contact.