UFO Sighting Over Arlington Texas

UFO Sighting Over Arlington Texas – Multiple Video Witnesses

On September 29 A V shaped or Triangular UFO was spotted over Mansfield and Arlington Texas, USA, roughly 30 miles west of Dallas, Texas.

The object was reported to hover silently over the community of Mansfield before slowly moving off to the northwest. The object was next clearly sighted in Arlington Texas, again in an apparent stand-still hover.

At times, 5 evenly spaced lights on the bottom side of the object are clearly visible. The UFO hovered in place for a period of several minutes, long enough for callers to a local radio station to raise awareness of its presence.


After remaining in clear sight for several minutes the UFO was witnessed to accelerate to an incredible rate of speed, disappearing over the Northern horizon in a matter of seconds. Given the rate of the acceleration and viewing angle of several witnesses, reports conflicted that the UFO had plummeted to the ground rather than flying out of visual range.

However scattered reports of lights in the sky north of Arlington apparently verify that the UFO continued along it’s original trajectory, heading North, vanishing from sight.

In a rare occurrence the object was filmed from multiple angles by different witnesses. We’ve collected the videos here.


UFO Sighting Over Arlington Texas

UFO Sighting Over Arlington Texas