Psychological Aspects

Psychological Aspects

UFOs very often temporarily paralyze witnesses or alleged abductees. These paralyses cannot be attributed to any apparent physical cause. They are identical to those induced by hypnotic suggestion, especially insofar that the ability to stand upright is not affected. Standing upright and immobile requires the body’s automatic error-correction mechanisms to be unimpeded so that they can make the constant minor adjustments needed to maintain the body’s balance. An individual paralyzed by a physical cause is in a wheelchair and cannot stand up.


False memories may be implanted during these abductions that are very similar to those that some human hypnotists can, in certain cases, impose on their subjects.

These abductions share a certain number of features with dreams: the abductees move without any transition from one scene to the next; they can pass through solid walls; the interior of some UFOs seems to be larger than their exterior.

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Both abductees and UFO witnesses seem to be compelled by similar forces to deviate from their usual route and go to a remote location, where the victims can be discreetly abducted, and forced to refrain from photographing the UFOs, etc. Generally, their will is paralyzed or seriously impeded.

All abductees report that they have telepathically communicated with UFO crewmembers.

A very small number of attempted abductions—about 2%—fail owing to the would-be abductees’ resistance. It is remarkable to note that all described resistance methods are mental in nature.

Abductees often experience painful and disabling diseases that can cause weight losses ranging from 18 to 35 pounds (8 to 16 kg), producing a lethargic state and uncontrollable urge to sleep that can last for several months. These are disorders that might be produced by a powerful psychosomatic condition. There is no sign of bone fracture or bacterial disease.