Positive and Negative Abduction Cases

Positive and Negative Abduction Cases

About half of the abductees return from their experience in a state of total panic—unlike any that they have ever experienced—even by those who have been on the firing line, in a war.


An abductee described the treatments that he had to endure as “cruel, abusive, inhuman, illegal, immoral, unethical, unjust and unconscionable.”

The emotional after-effects most commonly associated with abductions are trauma, fear, anxiety, and anger. Abductees consider themselves victims; they are terrorized by what has happened to them, very reticent to discuss it, and prefer anonymity.

The other half of the abductees are satisfied with their experience. Strangely, they describe the same cruelties as the traumatized abductees, but they hold no grudge against the UFO’s crew. They claim that their abduction brought them “expanded awareness,” “spiritual sensitivity,” and “cosmic awareness,” without being able to explain exactly what they meant by these terms. These content abductees tend to develop into radical environmentalists, ardent believers in esotericism, and, occasionally, vegetarians.

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