Physical Aspects

Physical Aspects

These are of an extremely diversified nature: radar echoes seen by several independent radar systems, confirming visual reports—ground markings in the shape of a circle or ring—spots of hardened ground that have become impermeable to water—displaced persons or objects, that include a two-ton vehicle in


the middle of a swamp with no trace whatsoever of a device capable of moving it through a muddy swamp—inexplicable failure of electrical appliances or car engines—wounds of unknown origin, ranging from .12 to .8 inches (3 to 20 mm) in diameter and .04 inches (1 mm) deep, whose scars were visible, but healed so rapidly that the abductees did not have the time to notice a fresh wound, etc.

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Some of these cases, particularly the one involving the two-ton vehicle, were investigated by police.

It is noteworthy that all of this physical evidence is the same in every country where reports of UFO sightings are available.