Multiple Abductions

Multiple Abductions

This type of abduction usually involves groups of family members or friends. In a limited number of cases, people subject to multiple abductions meet the same people over and over again.

These abduction companions are sometimes people who did not know each other before the abduction, but who may come across each other afterward. When they compare memories, they discover that they are the same. Most of the time, these companions consist of a man and a woman.

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Science Fiction

In 1930, Ege Tilms, a Belgian author, wrote the fictional novel, Hodomur, homme de l’infini (which means: “Hodomur, man of the infinite”). In this story, Belans, who has learned about some ground markings, goes to examine them. He hears a humming sound and then, in a flash of light, sees a metallic, rocket-shaped spacecraft land nearby. Some urge compels Belans to climb aboard, where he finds himself in a small room whose light source he is unable to identify. An entity with Scandinavian features similar to those described in England-based UFO abductions, speaks to him telepathically. A little while later, Belans, suffering from amnesia, finds himself on the ground without really knowing how he got there.

The missing time involved was equal to the duration of his abduction. All of the features of a typical 1980s UFO abduction are present: the UFO, which arrives with a humming sound and strange light beam, the compulsion to enter the UFO, the same small room with its unidentifiable light source, the entity whose features are typical of those in England-based sightings, the telepathy, the abduction, the amnesia and the missing time.

This sort of coincidence occurs not just once, but hundreds of times, particularly in the works of French authors that were published between 1880 and 1920. The spaceships are shaped like lenses, “soup tureen covers,” rockets or spheres. They project light beams that are sometimes curved and end abruptly as if their tip had been cut off with a knife. These are very strange properties for light beams, yet this is how UFO light beams behave.

These spaceships can abruptly appear and disappear, change shape, stop and remain suspended in mid-air, climb or descend, follow a spiral or zigzag course, make abrupt right angle turns, accelerate more quickly than any man-made machines, and reach equally impossible speeds. All of these characteristics are found in UFO accounts.

The majority of the very strange features of abductions that occurred after 1970 are described in works of science fiction, particularly in those by French authors that were published between 1880 and 1920.