EVE Online Review

EVE Online Review

Today it is time for a different kind of post. I will be doing a short review on a video game, not any video game, but something the readers of this blog might enjoy. Read on to find what I am talking about.

Recently I started playing a game that my friend recommended to me. It is called EVE Online and it takes you into cosmos, universe full of galaxies, planets and stars, showing possibly what our future might come to once we establish the contact.

EVE Online is a massive multilayer online game (mmorpg), which means you can play with with thousands of other players.
As soon as I saw EVE Online I was blown away by the visuals and beautifully detailed graphics: the star-ships, the battles, the cosmos, everything fascinates! There are never ending galaxies and planets to explore, the nebula’s have never seemed so real.

You can do practically everything in this game since there are little to no restrictions. It is a really great way to lose yourself in the surreal mix of galaxies, communicate with other aliens (players) and imagine yourself as a captain of a giant star-ship fleet or just a small trading vessel.

Diplomacy among nations is especially important in this game, though you can always take the path of the lone warrior and explore the beautiful universe on your own.
Overall, I must say I’m quite pleasantly surprised that among all the shooters, arcades, shooting games and other crap that we see kids playing today there is still a gem shining through, a truly deep, complex and beautiful game that everyone can enjoy.

The best part – it is free! Well, at least for 14 days. My 14 day trial is not over yet and I’m having as much fun as I have never had with a video game before. If you want to try it out for free, click here.

Don’t forget to write your player name in the comments, so I can contact you in EVE Universe 🙂 Also, if you have played this game, feel free to leave a feedback as well.
If you want to see some cool videos from the game and find out more about EVE Online, visit this site: “EVE Online Review“.