End-Time Premonition

End-Time Premonition

I hope this message will help someone out there, but I just feel the strong need to tell as many people about my experience.

It all started after I turned 30 years old and my co-worker/friend says that I’ve arrived at my magic number. Turning 30 on the 30th..

Anyways, I never could have guessed what would proceed thereafter. For the entire year I started seeing 9-30 in that exact combination everywhere. It was in the lottery numbers, it was at work, but most of all, I saw this number everyday on the digital clock. 9:30 and it sometimes happened twice a day!!

Latest Events (Feb 23 2017) Part 13

Morning and evening, when I’m going about my daily routine, I’d so happen to look up at the clock and there it was 9:30. I started getting such an eerie feeling about it, then I started telling my husband. He at first thought, I was making it happen or it’s just coincidence. But it kept happening for Months and months, and each time I would tell him because I wanted someone else to witness this with me.

And finally he believed me.. he said well, it’s got to mean something, and I agreed, I said well one day I’ll find out. It continued to happen, I tried not to look for those numbers but without avail. Anyways.. towards the end of the year around my 31st birthday, I also starting catching 9:31 and then sometimes 9:11.

VIDEO for 2017

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Well, I finally figured it out!! After watching a 2012 movie trailer, I thought WOW that will be an exciting movie. Little did I know about all the prophecy associated with the date.. I then noticed the discovery channel had a documentary on 2012, so I watched it and was really intrigued. Next morning, on Veterans day, 11-11 I’ll never forget the date.

I was doing some internet research on 2012 and reading other people’s dreams, etc and something said Hey, do a search on the BIBLICAL Meanings of 9-30, 9-31 and 9-11. And OMG..


31 means GOD or DEITY
11 means CHAOS or UPHEAVAL

Anyways..I was Ecstatic because here it was I thought. I didn’t deserve to be sent any warnings etc, but anyways God showed me that He didn’t turn His back to me, I turned my back to HIM.

I just want to tell anyone who will have an open heart and receive this message.. GOD is here and He LOVES all of US!! and he is waiting for us to repent of our sins and establish a TRUE relationship with him. I’ve done this since that day 11-11-2017 and GOD is teaching me so many wonderful things and I am fearful of what’s to come but I do find great comfort in having GOD on my side.

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“BIBLICAL Meanings of 9-30, 9-31 and 9-11. And OMG.. I was BLOWN AWAY!!

31 means GOD or DEITY
11 means CHAOS or UPHEAVAL”

11:11 On Meaning

11:11 and 1:11 on alarm clocks and on food wrappings
basically anywhere
I very often wake up at exactly 11:11 in the morning
and so on and on

I know many others who have the same (many also with 11:11) or with other combinations they seem to see on a daily basis
I cannot ignore it and pretend so many people have the same “coinsidence” event

So you read the biblical meanings of numbers and now your life has purpose? You are aware of course that the bible is just a collection of books written by a bunch of blokes and not god himself? For instance – in my writings the number 9 means craziness, and the number 30 means mirror. So, by my meanings if you keep seeing 9:30 it means that there is a crazy person in the mirror. I’m not trying to belittle you but do you see that point I am trying to make?

Furthermore… I’ve made another connection to when I started seeing the 9-30 numbers to an important event prophesied by the Bible.

January 2008 is when Israel signed the peace treaty with the Palestinians, I don’t know if you remember, but before that there was a considerable amount of fighting happening between the 2 sides. Well, the bible says the peace treaty in Israel would mark the start of the first 3 and 1/2 years of peace thus the next 3 and 1/2 years would start the Anti-Christ’s taking over Jerusalem and thus ending the peace treaty.


I still have to do more extensive research on this, but my spirit is telling me this was the marking of a profound event…hence could be the root of the warning I was given.

Not that I even believe in God, but why the hell would he waste His time showing you certain numbers when He has prayers to not answer? This whole thing is absurd. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re trying to say the God is using numbers and the Bible so you can predict that what the BIBLE ITSELF claims is known only by God and therefor cannot be predicted by humans until it’s too late? I love you Christians, always contradicting yourselves…