Ancient Advanced Races our Founders?

Ancient Advanced Races our Founders?


I think aliens are way more advanced than us and also that they look nothing like us. I believe we have been visited on numerous occasions and just dont truly no about it. Honestly we are not the only living creatures in the universe. Its just to big of a place. Whether they make regular contact we us im unsure of, i mean i dont think they are hostile at all otherwise we would be dead by know. But i do think we as humans are a very hostile race and we would for sure be the ones to start the war between aliens and humans.


Which we would lose.

If aliens do exist they are obviously more advanced and quite possibly superior. I takes on of our probes nearly a year just to get to Mars. Therefore the craft they use must be far more technologically advanced for inner steller travel. And how do you explain the ones that seem to dodge most radars, camaras and video recording devices? I guess the ones that have been seen just wanted to pose for the cameras.

Some skeptics say ” 

They are not anything like us, if so why travel millions of light years to see us i think ( NOT )They are more likely to be inferior to us. They are not as advanced as most would have us believe for space travel is with our reach. If a prob can leave our galaxy so can man. Lets get going first and get rid of all governments that r stealing our money and spending it on crap that doesn’t work. All that money they get and they haven’t even got to the moon to study it. NASA more like Nazi’s.”


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