Aliens may not be hostile


Aliens may not be hostile? Debate on CNN Will Aliens Be Hostile!

It’s been my understanding that the “gods”- good & bad- fought terrible wars against each other throughout ancient history concerning us here upon Earth; and that eventually a “truce” was called- because human beings had to decide for themselves which way they were going to go. The last two thousand years have been a sort of catharsis; a way in which the minds and souls of men were to be decided by their own actions for all time. Don’t worry about how you’ll be counted- the Ones Who Are Really In Charge will know how to sort everyone & everything out.

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According to Nostradamus & others, a third world war is brewing- one in which ALL of the races, both terrestrial & extraterrestrial, will be involved. One of Nostradamus’ prophecies says that “at the the time of the Games of the Hecatomb” (the Olympic Games, sacred to the Greek goddess Hecate) WW III would begin- it is no coincidence that Russia invaded Georgia on August 8th, the same day that the Games began in China. Georgia has a pipeline that brings Caspian Sea oil from Baku in Azerbaijan to the Black Sea- & it’s owned by the USA & Europe. With gas prices as they are worldwide, guess what’s next?

Incidentally, gas prices aren’t high because of a shortage- they’ve skyrocketed because the rulers of nations have seen this coming for a long time & have driven the prices up because they’re stockpiling oil because of the coming world war. The only other major pipeline getting oil out of Azerbaijan runs through Iran- giving the US a perfect excuse to invade it if the Russians take over the Georgian pipeline.

This isn’t prophecy, folks- I’ve been following these events for many years & it isn’t rocket science, either. For help in piecing events like these & many others together, read Jim Marr’s excellent book, “Rule By Secrecy”.

The fact is, “THEY” have been here for a VERY long time- they were here first! Zechariah Sichen’s books have some information on the subject. As to whether or not they have my permission, I’d love for the wicked ones to get & stay off this planet, but I can’t do much about it. The good folks out there have enlightened humankind many times- they’re the good gods of the ancient civilisations. They’ve promised to return & help us out, & I believe that they will.

The problem is- certain humans, especially in the US, have given the Bad Guys PERMISSION to be here! You’re a brave fellow for getting this info posted (i.e., the William Cooper & Dulce, New Mexico info).

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We beleive that these life forms are not hostile and you might be right and you might be wrong. Because we all know that everything comes in pairs of two so who knows if the ones we incounter might be the friendly ones or what if its the bad ones because through out history we known that some men of great power always want more power and absolute control what if this is the case.

The rumor is the the goverment is already working with extraterrestrials which can explain how we went from using more code to text messaging im talking about technology being so advance in so little time.

Is their a hidden agenda behing their help or are the truly on our side for those that are i embrace them with open arms of gratitude..but honestly come on youve seen the movies humans are not ready to meet these aliens because we can even get along with each other other nations of various races. So, if you cant learn to accept the live amungs a black, white, brown, yellow. etc colored person because of their beleifs or ethnic background how can we live amungs a distant life form? ask your self that.

Also, I believe that the 12th Planet theory as told by Zacharia Stichin in his Earth Cronicles books is the actual truth. It is the whole story behind the present day religions and why wars are fought in the name of each person’s God. Nibru is on its return to our solar system and we will be then enlightened into our ancient history and the truth behind all the stories from the torah, koran, bible and all other religious dogma. Would love to communicate with other that believe as I do.

Some people have written that Hitler wasn’t hostile to everyone! However – that being said, The only aliens I’ve ever met came from poor parts of the world. Why would any alien want to travel all this way is beond me. Just sit in space and record the TV and radio waves. I have been observing the skies for more than 30 years now (an average of more than 10 hours a week, every week)

The universe is not interested in this little silicon ball with carbon impurities. Evolution cares nothing for your feelings or views. Why do you have this deep fear of being alone in the universe? (a substitute for GOD perhaps) Every story on the planet mars in the media mentions the possibility of
life on that dessicated freeze dried world.

There are many astronomers who have been watching the skies for decades and who haven’t seen an alien but this doesn’t mean that they do not exist. Based on the large amount of anecdotal evidence {and I am well aware that according to the dominant paradigm, “anecdotal evidence” is not regarded as evidence} – something which looks very alien sure DOES exist. Just tell someone who firmly believes that he or she has had an alien abduction experience that this experience was not real.

I have met quite a few such people who are completely normal in every respect bar this one little anomaly: they have either seen or been abducted by aliens.

People like Budd Hopkins and John Mack were sceptical about this phenomenon until they did a copious amount of research and conducted many many interviews with so-called abductees. In my opinion anyone who doesn’t believe that this is a genuine phenomenon {whether real or imagined, whether military guys in jump suits and face masks} is posssessed of the sort of materialist reductionism that is not really conducive to getting to the bottom of any mystery.

Being of fixed mind on any topic just means that if we ever find out that truth is quite different from we doggedly believe, we are likely to get a huge shock if/when we ever discover that “reality” comprises a lot more than we perceive with our senses on this earthly domain as we go about our daily lives.

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