Alien – UFO pilot, kept in the refrigerator

Sensation! Alien – UFO pilot, kept in the refrigerator for 2 years! Russia. November 3


Watch the video in full! After a description will be clean images without the text! Pensioner from Petrozavodsk, Russia, kept the alien UFO pilot in the fridge! November 3, 2011. It turns out that she had a couple of years stored in a refrigerator, frozen corpse of his apartment pilot UFOs, alien!

As we told Grandma about two years ago, serene autumn night, she found in the yard of his suburban home in the village Mashezero strange Aliens, which came from the intolerable heat, lay crumpled next to a pile of metal.

Shortly before it was heard a terrible roar and rumble. The creature was growing about 40 – 50 inches, with a big head, big mouth, big glazami.Odezhda on that creature looked like a jumpsuit. It became obvious that a UFO crashed in the Karelian town Mashezero. Martha and her grandfather Yegorovna-Kuzma Abramovich dragged residents of other worlds in his car and brought in Petrozavodsk, where he immediately put in the fridge, because it was very hot. And how placed, so he stayed there, like lying, is not asking, not moaning and screaming is not, therefore, good to him, reasoned pensioner.

And the fact that an alien pilot shows no signs of life, so who’s to disassemble, foe of the cosmos, he has signs of life and how to understand and distinguish.

Tellingly, just a pile of metal-day remains of the UFO had disappeared somewhere, and at the crash site working people in chemical protection, and some citizens in suits. At the moment, as we said a pensioner, the

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