Alien abuctions 101

Alien abuctions 101

Apart from the physchological impact…do they really cause any harm? Perhaps it’s like catching a fish and then releasing it again into the water.


People may end up suffering from these events but my understanding is that most abductees have their memory erased.
Why erase a traumatic memory if you’re bad and no one can stop you anyway.

A couple of things come to mind when I think about aliens perhaps being bad

If they wanted us all dead, there are millions of ways they could do it and we wouldn’t be able to strike back.
If they wanted slaves, I expect they’d have cloning technology, especially since many people say they are genetic masterminds.
If they wanted the planet, there are many astral bodies that they could terraform in the universe.

The term ‘alien’ means something very different from us, who is to say they even think in a way that makes any sense to us, maybe good and evil are not concepts that apply to them. It all depends on perspective, we kill millions of animals for food, breed them and ‘slaughter’ them. They have brains, they think, they are concious, they know when they are being murdered put it that way (some cultures have more ‘humane’ ways than others) but from our perspective (vegetarians apart) we aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s necessary and we justify it by saying they are not as aware as us and therefore it’s ok. That these animals are here for us to use as we see fit for whatever we need.

Perhaps they are doing something they deem necessary but from our point of view it’s just wrong. Killing one person to save a thousand could be seen to be serving the greater good.

Imagine a creature without the emotional capacity we have… wouldn’t fully understand the nature of fear and intrusion that arises from an abduction… may well be aware that the experience is having a negative impact on those people….but unless it felt what the abductee felt….how could it relate to those feelings?

We have these emotions and still do things like watch people have fights (boxing), put people in the jungle to eat insects on tv shows (I’m a celebrity…), coup people up in rooms just to see what happens (big brother)….all for entertainment….and we would for the most part say we are good.

I think we don’t know our own nature well enough to judge if a creature is good or bad, but I think identifying the motive of any extra terrestrials is the key to understanding whether or not them being here has any ‘bad’ implications for us.

What do you think of alien abductions?