Alien abductiona & UFO sightings

Alien abductiona & UFO sightings

There have been many recorded instances of Alien abductions, UFO sightings and such like and also the Roswell incident suggests that a supposed Alien craft crashed to Earth and parts were seized by the American military, it is widely believed that an Alien being was also recovered from the craft and held in what is known as area 51, I am open minded as to the existence of such things and wonder whether the reported sightings and abductions are merely the workings of over active imaginations.


my first thought is why supposed rational people would concoct such stories, to get attention…? however, many of these accounts are consistent with each other and it is inconceivable that all of these people have met and created this whole Alien conspiracy, what is evident is that many of these people come from all walks of life and are seemingly normal, I have a friend who is a believer in Extraterrestrial existence and claims to have had an experience of such things, I think many of us have seen strange lights in the sky and assumed it is an aircraft of sorts, or is it, are we being observed and scrutinized by a higher intelligence, the difficulty with this whole topic is there is no concrete evidence to prove their existence whilst at the same time there is no proof to say they don’t exist.

In his book Miracles of the Gods, Erich Von Dunkin theorizes that Alien beings may have contributed in the construction of the Pyramids, he proposes that they are too perfect to have been built by human Endeavour alone, given the age they were built and the tools or lack of tools at the disposal of the Egyptians it is hard to believe that these perfectly built constructions didn’t have outside intervention, an interesting thought.

Aliens feature in Books, Movies and other media, the demographic is almost always the same, tall, slender, grey skinned and wide eyed and this is generally the image often described in these personal accounts, could it be that these people are overly reflecting on what they have read or seen in a movie and transposing that thought into reality, much as we do when watching a horror movie, our minds run away with us, we hide under the bedcovers, we leave the light on, you get the gist.

By behaving this way we are trying to exercise the Ghost, Ghoul or Demon that has invaded our thoughts and rationality, the human Psyche is a powerful organ as it is capable of storing all manner of information where most of it is useful. But as we know the mind can also react to things that scare us and can relay that information as fact which then tells us that we are in danger and so we become afraid and when we are afraid adrenalin kicks in and makes us react to the fear.

Some face the fear, others run away as in fight or flight, most become rooted through shock which sends the body into shut down mode, shock is a strong defense to fear as all your senses are numbed and so in affect you no longer feel fear and this is why many people feign death when attacked by a wild animal.

H.G. Wells War of the Worlds told the story of an Alien Invasion in 19th Century England whereby the Alien invaders were malevolent and hell bent on taking over our planet and destroying all that got in their way, it was a fantastical tale of Science Fiction and Fantasy, or was it a prophecy that we are indeed being watched from the timeless worlds of space where these beings are awaiting the opportunity to invade and take over Earth, is it really so far fetched, after all we have invented craft to visit the outer realms of space in an effort to ascertain whether there are other life forms beyond this Earth and finally solve one of the great mysteries of the universe.

What if we discover that there is extraterrestrial life beyond our planet, how do we engage with them, what can we learn from them, what could they learn from us, unless they have already learned enough from their many visitations previously and are now preparing to finally reveal themselves to the world…?.