Alien Abductee Details Future Events, 2017


Alien Abductee Details Future Events, 2017 is When UFOs Will Arrive [FULL VIDEO]”>Alien Abductee Details Future Events, 2017

I think I have some ideas from research, prophecy and predictions. I have always had dreams/prophetic dreams as you may call them and as a Psychic I have a good clairvoyant ability and mediumship skill so I feel I am quite in tune with what is happening on THIS planet at this time.


Does anyone feel the constant shift in energy that is happening at the moment? Does it worry you or do you understand what is going on?!
It is very interesting to find a forum like this but I worry it may mislead peoples perceptions and stray people away from using their own natural feelings and intuition. To tell you the honest truth I am very interested in finding out other peoples opinions about how they feel the world is evolving at the moment!

But Do you really have to put so much emphasis on dates. Do you understand it is only relevant at that time! or do you worry about times and prophecies. I feel it is very important to REALLY understand what is happening and to meditate and connect with your world so you can find peace and answers.


Some people may think I am away with the fairies or my opinion or expertise of knowledge is irrelevant but I am very concerned about peoples perceptions at the moment and it worries me that people are putting too much focus of what might happen than what is actually happening to everyone at the moment. It is a very important time for us ALL.

Please reply with some feedback everyone!