Sightings of UFOs is a site dedicated to the investigation, free publication, open discussion and exchange of all available information regarding the UFO phenomenon.

This site was created by a group of devote individuals of varied backgrounds frustrated with other host sites that were awash in advertising, ubiquitous republications and lacked overall focus to the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects
Our Motto:

Be curious. Be honest. Be open.

The Charter:

To document all possible instances of UFO phenomena whilst providing a forum for open discussion, free information exchange and evaluation.
The Question posted: What is the UFO Phenomenon? Is it of extraterrestrial in origin? Are UFOs simply a cross cultural self-perpetuating hoax the likes of which has never been seen before? Is it a global conspiracy carried by governments or military organizations?

We invite you to browse the reports we gather, join our community, submit UFO reports, videos, pictures, and freely participate in the discussions and open investigations the submissions will create.

Much more is accomplished together than alone.

That is why we created Sightings of UFOs.

We want to know what it is and why it’s happening.

Help us ask the questions and find the answers.

Be curious. Be honest. Be open.