About Time Speading Up in 2017


About Time Speading Up in 2017

Time Wave Theory suggests that yes time as we know it is speeding up to an end event. Of course this is based on the understanding of a guy and his brother who went to South America in 1971 in search of a mind altering drugs (DMT) which they found in many plants.

The Mc Kenna brothers Terrance and Dennis Phd. took the drugs and experienced past and future events, obtained info from an unknown source.

Terrance then came up with the Time Wave Theory, by incorporating the Maya, I Chang, and a start date in August 1945 (Hiroshima Atom Bomb), and by using the average life cycle of 67.27 years. He came up with an end date of Dec. 2012.

Grand delusions of a drugged-out mind?, Perhaps, or maybe he was on to something, he will never know he passed on in 2000. His brother says that we need him now more than ever for he (Dennis) is a poor substitute for understanding his brothers work.

His work caused a lot of controversy, and also received praise from many in the scientific community. since time is relative, I’m sure it’s speeding up or slowing down for someone depending on their frame of reference. But they would never experience it nor realize it. For them time would be running at the same pace as it always has! Anyway, the fact remains that since time IS relative, it is not speeding up or slowing down except for one’s frame of reference.

Since their frame of reference was altered by hallucinagenics, it’s no wonder they experienced time speeding up! BTW, I have no objections to someone experiencing past and future events. There is nothing in the laws of physics that says time only travels in the forward direction. But this has nothing to do with time wave theory.

Some say that After a certain age (like 50) it feels like I’ve fallen into the event horizon of a black hole and can’t get out. Everything accelerates exponentially and becomes increasingly surreal until the final plunge. As one ages so time appears to pass more quickly. remember how time dragged when you were a child at school? How the summer holidays lasted forever?

All illusion and there is no weird explanation for this – no aliens, no Time Wave theory, nothing strange happening with the universe/Relativity theory or crap like that. Time is the way we measure entropy and decay. As for Mackenna well the last thing I remember him doing was hooking up with the rave/techno group the Shamen and advocating the use of MDMA.