I believe aliens may not be as hostile as Hitler was toward us. They might want to colonize us. This is just like Columbus discovered the new world on a bigger scale.

First of all who is to say that we are the most intelligent creatures on our planet.There could be a better civilization under the ground we walk on or in another dimension. Hell,whales could be the intelligent being on earth. South park did an episode about cows being the most intelligent beings on our planet. So maybe the aliens have made contact with this earth, except not with us. Humans are a parasite that destroy.Sure we could kill off all our evil counter parts but there will always be evil inside every one so that would be pointless. Its in our nature to kill and be cruel.

Abduction Stories: VIDEO Footage

For example we turn our backs on our own kind in the poor places around the world and we laugh in each others faces when we succeed and fail. Don’t get me wrong i am sure there is a few ‘good’ people out there but they will be walked over by the dominate selfish humans and in time they will become the same. If i was an alien i would stay away from this world until humans evolve into peaceful creatures OR i would but the humans out of there misery and destroy them all period.

Edit: Actually coming to think about it, those word above are very negative towards humans. There is good in every one and some exercise it more then others. We can do a lot of good when we put our mind to it i guess. But of course not everyone is good and there is a few million bad seeds in our civilization. And i suppose there is a good chance of aliens contacting us.

Aleins are hostile or they are irrational

Like my uncle says: They are either hostile or they are irrational. But seriously: There is no reason why they should be considered hostile or friendly. Is a charging rhino hostile? No. It is just doing its rhino thing. Is a kitten friendly? Maybe. But it is just doing its kitten thing. The rhino, from its perspective, needs to protect its family and turf from intruders. If you are not recognizable as a friend you are a threat. Kittens need to be fed and protected.

They instinctively do what will result in that situation. That is why they make better pets than rhinos. So maybe aliens will make good pets. Humans probably would as long as not too many of us are kept in one pen. Anyway, I just think “hostile” is too anthropomorphic judgmental a word to use for aliens. After all, they are aliens. How do we know how they express hostility or friendship? We are lucky when we can figure that out with each other!

Yes if they were hostile why bring us back after a abduction.Or why not just take out one of the planes they fly circles around. Or take down our fighters we send after them. Other then people who feel they were molested by them when abducted just because they were scared.It is no different then going to the doctor who takes blood from our arm or cuts us open to try to fix something and then cannot save us and we die. I myself feel we are more hostile towards them then the other way around.For some reason allot of people think everything is out to get us.

Take a walk in the woods and all the bears are out there waiting to eat us. Or swim in the ocean and all the sharks are out to get us.Go out at night by yourself and most think someone is waiting to take us out.And some wonder why the aliens do it there way.Not me. They are and always will be smarter then us.If they think as one for good of all of there race know wonder they are so advanced.

I myself have never been hurt by them or my brother or my friend Scott or now both of our ex wives. They may not be our wives anymore but they were there during some encounters different times different places but happened never the less.None of us were hurt if anything just allot of anxiety but after such a great experience . It is like being a child seeing Santa Claus for the first time.Or being so excited you do not know what to say except talk very loud and jump around.Peace to you.

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