Does anyone believe in Aliens?

Guys do you believe in aliens? Well.. I’m kinda Believing in them. I believe because of the pyramids and the other stuff… I don’t know if people really made the pyramids. I’m not Willing to See an Alien, It Creeps me out! I have many Books about Aliens and I keep buying! I couldn’t stop buying them and now…

Now I buy books about 2012 events from the past. Also 2017 and I watched the movie too.. the movie is great, I can’t stop watching it.

I believe that simple life (i.e. microbes) is common throughout the universe, and once lived on Mars. I believe that intelligent life is much rarer, and that no other intelligent race has visited Earth. My amateur judgement is that considering the vastness of the universe, the word rare could still mean billions of intelligent life forms. Of course, I will never know if I am right. But I agree with the last seven words.

Images of Recent Proof Through Findings:

I really like the movie FIRE IN THE SKY or A FIRE IN THE SKY it has been the spookiest of any I have seen.

I do not believe in aliens. I at one time had the chance to ask a retired national security agent who was a real life gov. spoof about the area 51 crap and this man I know for a fact was a hard core practical emotional stone never married never had kids and came back from Washington to finish his life out and yes he is dead today or I would not even tell what he said but he said yes it was not a prank.

I still today do not believe the junk about it I do believe it was something of an experiment but not aliens more like a huge mess we made with living things.

Yet I know there is ways to mess with time dimensions as well as by pass radar. Gold is the way to coat and go with out detection by radar. This metal can be hammered out to the size of a 300 square feet from just one ounce. when beaten out to transparency it transfers light of blue and green color because it blocks yellow and red. It reflects radiation from infrared light. NASA uses it.

Sounds goofy to the world to even speak of anything religious today you might as well say something like jimmy crack corn and I don’t care but the only reason I was looking into the subject was not for an alien but in regards to the element Au.

I have heard others here mention Egypt and pyramids all kinds of ancient things they think may have been aliens.

I do not believe in aliens but I do believe in the beings that exist that are not of earth yet they come and go as well as stay here.

They can shape change as far as their appearance of what they allow to be seen by the viewer. This can be from animal to human to way beyond human appearance.

We have really set back ourselves by rationalizing every thing to death which rational is the best when it is absolute rational by fact but not so good that it creates a veil to block all understanding of the things that don’t pertain to the rational plains.

This can actually stifle away any outlet to advance so what is the good of that.

There is woven through out time much evidence of things that may have been but unless it is a gigantic lizard rat or ape man it is ridiculous. The main motive is to unsolve the myths by mything them away with hideous excuses of material that they can not factually prove its place or source in time but by a tall leap of yep that’s right this is 1, 978, 777, 469, 345 years old and it seams to be a humanoid cockaroach fossilized in elephant dung trapped in a tar pit and perfectly preserved.

I would love to see them one day dig up something alive and have film footage of the massive humanoid cockaroach lizard bird dragging them back off into the ground while singing hunk a hunk a burning love.

I don’t believe Moth Man is an alien but I do believe he exists like an angel of death and there is record of his name in existence as well as what he does if you are thinking alien maybe it is the heavens they come from but not as ET more like the ones that are called the thrones wheels and dominions and principalities of this earth and air.

They are not always good you know but they are subjected to the same restraints all things are restrained under infinite government.